Our projects

  • Founded a professional training center, that has produced three generations of graduates
  • Paid tuition fees to needy students and provided financial help to seniors writing their theses.
  • Provided basic scholarly materials including uniforms, books, writing tools to primary and secondary schools students in need.
  • Created Holidays Solidarity camps: the time to review together (adult and youth ) all the multifaceted problems of the orphans who are in schools. (They include but are not limited to: psychological, relational, economic and educational problems).
  • Sewing project: its main goal is to create jobs and to provide a social outlet for young people who are currently living in isolation.
  • Livestock breeding: (especially goats) This project provides important livestock skills to and a decent livelihood to orphans.
  • Initiation of the "Sister House" This project will provide living quarters for 18 families headed by orphaned children and for 12 destitute widows of genocide contact person (president of the association).

ASOGM: Association pour le Soutien des Orphelins du Genocide au Mayaga.

ASOGM is a non-profit organization created in the wake of genocide to support the orphaned Youth and Genocide survivors of Mayaga region. It has been in operation since October 1998 and is registered in the sector of NYAMURE and the municipal district of NYANZA in the Southern Province of the Republic of Rwanda.

  • The main goal of the association is to promote sustainable development in the region and to develop the welfare of the youth by reducing poverty and by integrating for them necessary linkages to bridge the gap between their community and the larger society.
  • ASOGM also strives to initiate conflict resolution and to promote peace through educational programs that assist young survivors to recognize their fundamental human rights. This entails building their human capacities and offering them opportunities that would fulfill their socio-economic and emotional primary needs.
  • ASOGM believes in a participative approach at all levels (planning, implementation, and evaluation) and by all actors including local government, Members of ASOGM and the beneficiaries of the program namely the youth orphaned by genocide in Mayaga).


ASOGM main source of funding is FORA (Friends of Rwanda Association) based in  United States of America Other funding sources include: Page Rwanda based in Canada and International Red Cross- Branch Rwanda based in Rwanda.


Projects achieved last year Source of income Total of income received Income expended
Solidarity camp National commission of unity and reconciliation + members funds $2800.00 $2800.00
Sewing project FORA $2000.00 $1900.00
Starting a sister household project FORA $1000.00 $750.00
Tuition fees for poor young students at secondary school Members funding $1000.00 $600.00
Phone and transportation Members funding $400.00 $400.00
Total   $7200.00 $6450.00

The organization relies on volunteers who are mostly university students and graduates and on local people who provide surrogate parenting to the orphans A.S.O.G.M works in partnership with other Rwanda based organizations such as:

  • IBUKA: "Remember": An umbrella for many organizations serving the Genocide Survivors in Rwanda.
  • National Commission of Unity and Reconciliation.
  • AERG: Association des Etudiants Rescapes du Genocide (a Student's association for survivors at National University of Rwanda).